“Ive always been a huge fan, advocate, and a musician in the black metal genre. There’s something thats always been missing from the genre and SP Custom Guitars Lilith has entirely fixed that issue. Before Lustravi would play shows and we would maybe get one or 2 bitches by the end of the night, collectively. With the SP Lilith, i literally have a line of bitches waiting to lick my piece… Er…. Bass. Sick of going to shows only to be surrounded by a bunch of sweaty hairy dudes that are way too friendly? Well say hello to a bunch of sweaty hairy chicks that are way too friendly, all thanks to SP Custom Guitars – USA” -Morgan Weller (Lustravi)


“Ever since I first started playing guitar at 13, I’ve wanted a custom guitar of my own. Seeing guitars that you can look at and immediately match to one player is something I dreamed of for myself. Now master luthier Scott Pivarnick has single-handedly made that a reality. The “Leviathan” is hands down the best instrument I’ve ever played. It’s perfectly set to my specifications on every level. From the exotic woods to the smallest of details such as the 5 piece truss rod cover matching the neck. This beast is 100% one of a kind and anyone who takes their guitar playing remotely serious deserves an SP guitar for themselves.” -Geoffrey McWhorter. Lustravi are proud users of SP Custom Guitars – USA!


” I have played many guitars in the past 28 years. Ibanez, Gibson, ESP, Schecter, Dean, and my favorite was always B.C.Rich. Until now. I have owned over 20 B.C.Rich guitars. I must say not one of them could ever come close to playing like an SP Custom Guitar! Not to mention, the other Guitars from other companies cannot compare. The love and hand work that goes into an SP Custom Guitar is mind blowing. After you play one, all other brands are junk. As it is true: If you can dream it, SP Custom Guitars can build it”!!!